Five Ways That A Strength Coach Can Help You

Five Ways That A Strength Coach Can Help You


Are you injured, but struggle to keep up with a solid rehab program? This article will help to explain how a coach can help you to achieve your goals!

“The biggest thing that people struggle with is accountability and forming that habit of getting in and following something day in, day out. It’s amazing what some professional help can do!”

An injury affects our ability to do what we want to do. The best way to restore this is with a strength and mobility program, but it can take a number of weeks or even months before we’re back to full function!

If we DON’T stick to the program our progress can stall, or we can fall into a trap of thinking it’s all good. This is a fast-tracked way to:

  • Repeat injury
  •  Frustration
  • Loss of confidence in your own body

    If we DO stick to the program, we start to build some resilience into our body back to pre-injury levels, and can even come back fitter and stronger than we were before. Having an injury can actually become an amazing opportunity for you physically and mentally, and having a coach to help you realise that is often the missing ingredient in our success!

    “The physical side of things in a rehab plan is obviously important, but what is less obvious, JUST AS IMPORTANT, and OFTEN MISSED is the psychological and emotional aspects of rehab. A good coach knows how to navigate this and tailor the program to suit the individual’s needs”

    If you feel like something is missing from your strength program, then keep reading because these 5 ways that a strength coach can help might get you thinking:
  • LISTENING: Coaches when first hearing your story will listen without giving any advice or being judgmental. They understand that there are many barriers to you achieving your best, and that everyone is different. By listening to what it is that you want, and what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past, they will help to program the best rehab plan for you
  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Coaches show empathy, and care about the person in front of them who is injured. The relationship between you and your coach can become quite strong and beneficial in a number of ways, because your progress and results matter to them! Having someone who has your back throughout the rehab process is important
  • REALITY CONFIRMATION: Coaches most likely share similar perspectives on health, fitness and sport with you. Our coaches at Stride for example have always played competitive sport, continue to do so, and have well and truly had their fair share of injuries (and continue to do so!). They live and breathe all aspects of performance, injury and rehab, so this can often be re-assuring and be helpful for you to draw on this experience for your injury
  • CHALLENGE AND GOAL SETTING: A coach can benefit your rehab by not only writing a program for you to follow, but by setting you challenges and goals along the way. It can become de-motivating to just follow an exercise plan, not sure or losing track of what it is that you should be aiming for. Short term goals are important to tick off every day, and these small daily wins can help to keep you excited about your rehab with the long-term goals in mind
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND APPRECIATION: A coach will be able to see when you have progressed and made these small wins and help you to realise when you have made them as well! It’s very easy to get bogged down in how long a rehab plan is going to take, and to get frustrated because you’re not back to where you wish you could be just yet. Having a coach with an eye for the small things can help you to stay on track and become more aware of the good progress you are actually making, even when it doesn’t seem like it!

At Stride, we believe everyone deserves to be treated like an elite athlete. Our Physio’s, Podiatrist and Myotherapist are also Strength and Conditioning coaches. There are no corners cut, and our clients are given full support all the way through from the time of injury to their return to sport.

if this has resonated with you, then you will be glad to know we have created a tried and tested system that gets results by focusing on the very important areas of coaching and providing absolute confidence and certainty in reaching a goal. Don’t believe us? Check out below:

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