Glass half full or glass half empty?

Glass half full or glass half empty?

In a time of uncertainty we are finding there are two types of people! People who look at life as a glass half full, compared to those who look at a glass half empty…What we are saying is, there’s people who are trying to turn their negatives into positives and there’s others who are trying to keep their negatives…as negatives. 

Undoubtedly the current situation is affecting all of us differently. Some have lost their job, whilst others haven’t and are able to work. Some have no social sport to play on weekends, whilst others never did so haven’t changed here much at all. Some of us can’t go and enjoy a beer and a parma at our local watering whole, whilst others are compromising with Friday night work drinks with colleagues via the new ‘house party app.’ The point we are trying to make is, for the majority of us, our lives are in disarray with so many changes occurring on what seems like a daily basis. Our question for you is – are you looking at this point in time as an opportunity or a nightmare? 

Opportunity is defined as “a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something…” For the vast majority of us, we have more time than we’ve ever had…albeit stuck indoors. Our circumstances have definitely changed, so how can we use the change in circumstances and an increase in spare time to help benefit not only our physical health, but also our mental health. 

The reasons we hear as to why someone cannot complete rehab based exercise is ‘“I didn’t have time to do my exercises” or “I’m going to continue with my team training as I can’t afford to take the time off as I won’t get picked for the team at the weekend.” Sound familiar? Both situations, although not our recommendation, are valid concerns! The current situation however has opened up the opportunity of increased time! Now is the perfect time to focus on those small niggles or strength deficits that have prevented you from performing at your absolute best. 

Whilst important not to neglect your physical health, fortunately we are also able to impact our mental health whilst doing so! Being stuck inside all day and depleted of the chance for social interaction can overtime be damaging. By working on your physical goals you are inadvertently giving yourself the opportunity to stay active and get outside! 

So which person are you going to be? If you are looking for help in maximizing your opportunity, do not hesitate to reach out!




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