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Strength training under the guidance of a trained professional

At Stride Physiotherapy and Health Group our aim is to get as many people active and moving as possible. That’s why we offer specialist guided strength based programs both in a Gym setting in order to maximise individual outcomes and goals.

The benefits of exercise are numerous, and have been extensively researched and proven for many types of chronic conditions and is considered the gold standard in the management of many injuries. Exercise has also been scientifically proven to aid mobility and strength which helps to reduce pain, and also improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

We offer 1 on 1 supervised sessions in a dedicated specialised rehabilitation gym. We also complement these in house sessions with guided home exercise programs that incorporates the use of feature packed Mobile App: Team Buildr.

Team Buildr allows us to prescribe an individualised program that you can complete with the trusty use of your mobile phone or tablet. It allows us to keep track of your progress and has a seamless communication feature to ensure we keep communicating throughout your rehab and strength training program.

Our team of specialists have constant contact with each other via dedicated weekly meetings which allows for multiple allied health disciplines input into each clients health and well-being program.

We will utilise our extensive fully equipped rehabilitation gym for the sessions and all sessions run by our professionals team are health rebatable to eligible private health insurance holders.

Why do I need to do gym rehab?

Gym rehab is used for rehabilitating any musculo-skeletal injury.

Having access to the right equipment, and even more importantly being taught the right exercises properly by the skilled health professional at Stride Physiotherapy and Health Group Moonee Ponds, is the most effective way to fully rehab your injury or problem.

A Physiotherapist who understands your injury and what sport or activity you need to return to , will customise a rehab plan that is tailored to fast track your results.

What injuries do you need to do gym rehab for?
  • Sports injuries eg knee injuries, muscle strains, ankle sprains, calf or Achilles tears
  • Other musculo-skeletal injuries eg shoulder rotator cuff tears, neck pain, shoulder blade pain
  • Persistent low back pain
  • Balance and weakness is
  • Post operative strengthening eg knee, hip, back, shoulder and foot surgerysues
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