The Importance of Strength Training in Runners

Jacksdon Tisdell Running Coach

The Importance of Strength Training in Runners

“The biggest misconception I find runners have when it comes to strength training is that they shouldn’t do it because it will make them too sore to run.”

This blog aims to put that thought process to bed!”

Are you a runner that has suffered from multiple niggles or injuries throughout your career? Or maybe you’re a physiotherapist or running coach who has a number of your athletes sustaining injuries throughout your training programs? Well this is an important article that could make the world of difference to you and shake those injuries for good, all while improving your running!

“Strength training for runners has repeatedly been found to improve running efficiency as well as reduce the likelihood of sustaining an injury.”

For runners who don’t complete regular strength training it is reported that their capacity is less than those who do and their ability to produce and absorb force is reduced,  leaving them open to possible overload injuries that involve their joints, tendons and bones.

If you’re a runner who’s experienced the effects of a bone stress injury such as shin splints or a tendon overload injury such as an achilles tendinopathy, you’d understand the frustration that these injuries bring, and how not being able to run, may make you feel like you’ve lost your sense of identity.

By completing regular strength training, runners are able to build the appropriate capacity in their muscles that allows them to withstand the high number of kilometres that they expose themselves to each week. When implemented by an appropriate coach or physiotherapist, strength training for runners can be highly effective and shouldn’t make the runner so sore that they can’t run the following day.

Strength programming for runners is an art in itself and special considerations such as exercise type, intensity and volume should be made depending on the runners current level of capacity as well as their training goals.

“The thought that strength training is detrimental to runners must be expelled. There has now been enough research to support its significant benefits.” 

At Stride we pride ourselves on not only being able to help return runners back from injury but also improve their performance for when they’re injury free!

We understand the frustration injury can bring to the running athlete and how they may feel like they’ve lost their sense of identity when they can’t run, that’s why we encourage all of our runners to engage in regular strength training to improve their performance as well as reduce their injury risk.

If you’re a runner and you’re not yet engaging in regular strength training, don’t wait! Click here or call one of our friendly staff members on 03 9370 0345 to make an appointment and get the help you deserve today!




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