Tips on how to train, minimise injury and get the results of a professional athlete whilst working a full time job

Tips on how to train, minimise injury and get the results of a professional athlete whilst working a full time job

By Jackson McKellar

There’s excitement building down here in Melbourne! Many of us can feel it! Unfortunately last year we weren’t able to experience and participate in it due to the COVID-19 restrictions however for something that’s a big part of many of our lives in any other circumstance, the return of winter sport such as football and netball in 2021 is a godsend!

Social media accounts have grown in the last few years idolising ‘the ultimate Ressie’ and the ‘weekend warrior’ with many labelling themselves the later. Social competitions and amateur level sport is something that is a big part of our lives and not only for the physical benefits. It brings us enjoyment and a belonging within a likeminded group of people.

When considering the return to sport, as well as pre-season training, we have a few helpful tips that will hopefully not only have you reach round 1, but hopefully keep you participating without injury beyond the early rounds.

  1. Don’t  sacrifice your strength!

One of the biggest predictors of injury is that gradual loss of strength over time. Unfortunately due to work, uni, relationships etc our time in the gym is usually sacrificed when we’re under the pump! If you can keep two gym sessions in your weekly routine, you’ll reduce your risk of injury!

  1. Don’t run on non training days!

So you’ve put on a bit of weight in the off season and think running on your off days will help you get into shape? Wrong! Because you probably can’t predict what’s coming up at your next club session, it’s best not to fill your week with extra running load and expose yourself to the chance of developing stress related injuries. Instead, do some off legs training, swim, bike, cross trainer or low impact circuit training.

     3. Don’t sacrifice sleep!

There’s some pretty cool recovery gimmicks out there…. Compression garments, massage guns etc. But did you know there’s no better recovery tool than sleep? Ensuring you get the full eight hours of sleep each night, will ensure your body is naturally repairing itself. This is a process that simply can’t be replicated with any supplement, pill or piece of clothing. There’s also a strong link between injury and athletes who get a full night’s sleep… Don’t believe me, check out ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker.

  1. If it hurts, and keeps hurting.. Don’t push through

As we’ve mentioned numerous times before, if you start to notice pain in any of your joints, muscles or bones, and that pain continues to deteriorate the more you exercise, don’t push through it, especially if it takes a while to settle down! Although some pain is ok and normal with exercise, worsening pain while we exercise is not. Make sure you notify your club trainer or physio straight away.. or better yet… reach out and we will let you know if we can help!

Hopefully these helpful tips can keep you gearing towards round one. There’s nothing more deflating than an injury right before the start of the season, no matter what level you play!

Accoutability is king and this is our biggest point of difference at Stride. Not only do we show you what it needed to allow you achieve your goals but we walk with you on the journey and ensure you achieve it!

If you’re having trouble with your pre-season preparation, feel free to reach out to one of the team here at Stride Physiotherapy and Health Group, we’d be more than happy to help!

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