Wanting to return from injury fast? Focus on these Three Things

Wanting to return from injury fast? Focus on these Three Things

By Jackson McKellar

Have you ever wondered why some people return from injury much quicker than others? How certain people manage to get back to the activities or playing sport quicker than you?

This article is going to give you all of our tips on the quickest way to a successful comeback, as well as the biggest mistakes we see people make when they first get injured!

Injury happens to nearly everyone at some point if we participate in regular exercise and/or sport. No matter how similar the injury is to begin with, nearly every person’s recovery is different, and what we find separates a quick and successful return versus a long drawn out rehab is:

  1. The Initial injury management process;

  2. The extent of underloading or ‘de-loading’ with rest when an injury occurs

  3. Whether there has a been a key plan with regards to reloading or return to exercise and sport; VERY IMPORTANT

When you see a health professional such as a Physiotherapist, Podiatrist or Myotherapist early, you’re giving yourself the best chance of the quickest recovery. For example, a lot has been said about the RICE (Rest, ICE, Compression, Elevation) method, whether it works, whether it doesn’t. For some injuries we know it doesn’t really matter, but for others, like a moderate ankle sprain, we know it could be the difference between returning to exercise and sport in 4 weeks or returning in 6 weeks!

Another positive about seeing a professional early is that its stop you from being ‘under-loaded’ more than you need to. Sure, we may need to initially let the injured site settle down to aid recovery, however there’s always something you can be doing. The more we rest the more the body has the opportunity to decondition and the more work you’re going to have to do in building it back up again!

The final positive about seeing a professional early is that they can guide and provide you with confidence in a plan to get you back to exercise and sport. When returning to exercise it’s important to monitor your symptoms closely to see how your body’s tolerating what you’re putting it through. Doing too much, just like doing too little can not only prolong time on the side-lines due to re-aggravation but also risk new injuries.

At Stride, we work with the active population every day!

“Getting people back to what they love confidently, quickly and successfully is our bread and butter!”

Our experience working with recreational athletes all the way through to working in elite sport, places us in a good position to help you back to what you love doing as soon and as safely as possible. We don’t use fancy gimmicks, nor do we just provide you with home program and expect you to get the results. Instead, we’re in the trenches with you, using strength and conditioning principles and most important accountability, to help get you back to exercise and/or your sport in the quickest time possible.

If you want to return to the activities you love having sustained an injury there’s no better time to reach out to our team and get the help you deserve today. Remember early management is the key!

If this has resonated with you then you will be glad to know we have created a tested system that gets results by focusing on the very important areas of early injury management and driving accountability to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

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