Why Physiotherapy Doesn’t Work! Written By Physiotherapists

Why Physiotherapy Doesn’t Work! Written By Physiotherapists

By Jackson McKellar & Chris Tandy Physiotherapists at Stride Physiotherapy and Health Group

We’re lucky enough to be in the business of meeting and helping people! Everyone we see has their own story, unique history, wants, needs and desires!

Being in the healthcare industry and often the first port of call for many having sustained and injury or experiencing the pain associated, we see people at their most vulnerable state. Some walk in with immense pain and discomfort, some walk in having had a nagging issue for months, whilst others can’t walk in at all! No matter what someone’s level of function and their end goals, we emphasise the importance of collaboration and creating a ‘team’ of people around everyone we see.

Having collectively managed thousands of people, we recognise the importance of the ‘team’ approach. What you do, as in the technical components of the rehab process is important but how you go about this process under the guidance of your ‘team’ of healthcare professionals is far more important!

A big focus and mindset of the ‘team’ approach is that you are the leader. You and only you will be the one that allows you to achieve the goals you desire. A healthcare professional, such as a Physio, is a member of your team that acts as a compass, empowering you through effective and timely coaching.

Hands on treatments, education and writing exercise programs is the easy part but the process of coaching and putting all these components of the process is where the magic happens. Ultimately the success you can achieve is tied to your motivation and accountability and this is what coaching and the ‘team’ approach provides.

We all have either experienced or know someone who has experienced not seeing improvement in managing an injury or pain. We hear it everyday, “Physiotherapy doesn’t work….Physiotherapy hasn’t helped me.” Physiotherapy isn’t a type of treatment nor is it a medication that has one intended outcome or action. Physiotherapy is a healthcare service. Most of the time, it isn’t what is done (or not done) by a Physiotherapist, rather how an individual has been coached or empowered (or lack there of) by a Physiotherapist that dictates success or failure. You see, ‘Physiotherapy’ isn’t what is going to get you better, rather how that Physiotherapist goes about leading you to achieve your end goals. This is what drives success!

When you train and complete your rehabilitation at Stride Physiotherapy and Health Group, your investment ensures you’ll receive the highest quality coaching available.We have developed unique systems that allow us to empower you to achieve your goals and reach success. Coupled with personalised and individualised programs, this gives you the best opportunity to become stronger, move well and be more active.

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