Why you aren’t out of alignment and what you should be focusing on instead.

Why you aren’t out of alignment and what you should be focusing on instead.

The purpose of this blog is to hopefully provide you with some relief and highlight that the body is actually quite resilient and isn’t going to fall over like a Jenga tower even though sometimes it can feel like it might!

We all experience movement differently and we are all made up differently and so to we need to think differently about how our bodies work and the affect on pain and injury.

There’s no doubt that the way we move and more importantly what we do activity wise, can expose the body to different forces that can put stress on different parts of our body. If our body doesn’t have the ability to cope with this stress then this can lead to overload and in some instances pain and injury. But, what if I told you that

  1. People move differently and that is okay! In some instances this different movement is necessary to allow them to do what they need to do. Example: A tennis players unique serve is important to their performance!

  2. Differences in movement is in fact very normal between person to person

  3. Injury and the associated pain with injury is quite often the result of the bodies reduced ability to cope with a stress when it occurs during the activities that we partake in and doesn’t necessarily mean that there is structural damage to a ligament, tendon, cartilage or that a structure isn’t in the correct place.

Pain related to movement is not that uncommon and we’ll probably all suffer from it at one point or another in our life. But a lot of the time, the pain that we’re experiencing doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong.

If you’ve been sold on the idea that certain activities and movements might lead to back, neck or knee pain, then I can see why you’d believe the need to have weekly adjustments or releases to fix it!

However, the truth is, our body is super strong, resilient and adaptable. We just have to provide it with the correct exposures and movements to allow it thrive! To suggest that something can just fall out of place is not only terrifying but incorrect and we need to be better and focus on what is important and that is continuing to move, moving well and getting stronger!

If this has sparked your curiosity and/or resonates with what you have or are experiencing then you will be glad to know we have helped many get results managing pain and injury by focusing on a clear, planned out, step by step plan that focuses on helping people move more, move well and get stronger!

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